36degrees is a software development and consultancy firm specialising in the creation of powerful web applications and APIs. Our highly skilled team embrace flexibility and adaptability, allowing us to rapidly respond to changing project requirements, whilst ensuring that the highest levels of software craftsmanship are attained.

We are experienced in a wide range of sectors, including property, legal and financial, and work closely with clients in order to deliver high-performance products and services which best manage evolving business needs.

iCompile Simply Convey Search providers iCompile Ltd tasked us to extend their management/ordering system to allow third parties to order searches and EPCs. We were then recommended to implement the website for conveyancer Simply Convey, including complete integration of their ordering system.
Tech13 Because of our expertise developing highly performant, scalable web applications, we were asked to work with West Midlands based software house Tech13 on a system needing to support large numbers of concurrent users; whilst at the same time carrying out complex and CPU intensive tasks such as data collection, report generation/data mining, and high-volume document production.

36degrees was formed by a group of passionate software developers and business people. Our skill sets combine a wide range of abilities, allowing us to deliver reliable and innovative software applications for our clients.

We love software, and we know what it takes to build great software: we collaborate closely with our customers; respond quickly to changes; and deliver working software in regular installments to ensure customer satisfaction.

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